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Impact of advanced maternal age on pregnancy outcomes

Author(s): Ana Mendonça Moreira

Journal: Acta Obstetrica e Ginecologia Portuguesa
ISSN 1646-5830

Aims: To compare pregnancy outcome in women aged 40 years or more with that of younger women.Study design: Retrospective case-control study Population: One hundred and sixty-nine pregnant women aged 40 years or more at the time of delivery, who gave birth at a tertiary care university center over three years. They were compared with 338 pregnant women aged 15 to 39 who delivered immediately before and after them (control group).Methods: Clinical reviewed were reviewed, from which medical history, obstetric data, and neonatal outcomes were extracte. Results: Mean age was 41.2 (+/- 1.6) years in the study group and 29.0 (+/- 5.2) years in the control group. Women in the study group had higher parity than those of the control (1.51 +/- 1.3 vs. 0.64 +/- 0.8; p
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