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The impact of information cascade on consumer’s decision making in the frame of brand image within social media

Author(s): M. Dehghani | H. Choubtarash Abarde | S. Nourani

Journal: Marketing ì Menedžment Innovacìj
ISSN 2218-4511

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 69;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: information cascades | brand image | social media | purchase intention

This paper investigates a deeper relationship between effects of information cascades on customers action and influence of brand image. Information cascades on the social media occurs when an individual observes behaviors of others and then make the same decision that other individuals have already made. According to, information cascades on a social media could lead to that many users have a strong effect on each other like determining the most influential individuals preference within a network. Theinformation cascade can be used forone of twoeffectson consumers in brand image: itcould cause the brand to seem higher or lower in Consumers' Buying Intentions and also could affect consumers' brand trust. The purpose of this study is research of the primary behaviors of those customers who engage with brand image. They affect and make the same decision by ideas that others have already shared in social media. The methodology of the study was a depth interview with Facebook. At the end, 160 college students at Eastern Mediterranean University offered their answers who concerning their motivation of buying and influencing of brands within social media.
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