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呼和浩特市生态环境质量对住宅价格的影响研究 Impacts of Ecological & Environmental Quality on Estate Price in Hohhot City

Author(s): 汪然 | 胡金桂 | 胡君德 | 金放宜 | 史国辉 | 张宏伟

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 02;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 172;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 环境质量 | 住宅价格 | 土地价值 | 土地利用 | 呼和浩特市 | Environment Quality | Estate Price | Land Value | Land Use | Hohhot City

生态环境质量及其对住宅区房价的影响已经成为当前研究的热点。了解土地价格和生态环境之间的关系,有助于优化城市土地利用。本研究通过对呼和浩特市六十多个小区生态环境以及房价的走访调查,并利用Google地图得到的十个小区距离水域和植物园的距离,通过线性回归方法,分析了城市生态环境质量对土地价值的影响。研究发现,城市环境质量与住宅区房价有着显著关联,但并不是唯一决定因素,包括地理区域位置以及基础设施配套在内等其他因素共同影响了住宅区房价。 Research about the environment quality of residential area and its relationship with the estate price of the area has been a hot topic. Studying the relationship between land price and ecological environment is helpful for optimizing urban land use. The study invested the environment quality and estate price of more than sixty residential areas of Hohhotcity. And we also got distance data away from Water and Botanical garden from Google Earth. Using linear regression, we analyzed the effect of ecological environment on the city land price. The results showed that environment quality was not the only but one of the most important factors for estate price of residential area. Other factors, such as regional location and infrastructure support- ing, together with environment quality affected the estate price.
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