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Implementación de un diseño piloto de bandejas de aireación para aguas, potencializado con microorganismos eficientes

Author(s): Rodrigo Fabián Calderón Muñoz | Sandra del Pilar Forero Poveda | Aide Suarez Cerquera

Journal: Revista Cientifica
ISSN 0124-2253

Volume: 16;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 22;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: prototype | organoleptic | aeration | efficient microorganisms

This study proposes to build and to enforce the best combination design parameters in aeration trays and microbial metabolism, which is effective when contacted with organic material throwing beneficial substances as vitamins, organic acids, minerals and above all things antioxidants subs- tances improving organoleptic quality of water. Usually system trays is used to the final potable water treatment, in this case is showing microbial metabolism as a choice to the treatment in domestic sewage. This has been taken into account in determining population density of aerobic microor- ganisms through sowing and enriching the crop, bacterial growth curves and possibly at the end biochemical identifications, which are able meta- bolizing domestic sewage. The prototype in potable water works perfectly fulfilling all parameters to measure in this kind of water the problem lies in the incorporation of the inoculums to efficient organisms in the trays to act as a metabolic union using the oxygen as a source of energy, thus eliminating at least unpleasant odors, and clarifying the water. It is expec- ted that the buffer material in the trays as the coke or the material that is eventually chosen for this purpose will serve as immobilizer of these microbial consortia and to help us to conclude that the maintenance of the prototype is being made simultaneously in physical form and biolo- gical, i.e. at the time to wash the buffer material in the trays as well same inoculated another consortium of microorganisms efficient. Apparently the amount of microorganisms that we can add in this prototype is 10 ml reaching to create a biofilm on the surface of the water

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