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Implications of Demographic Antecedents in Determining the Motivational Drives among Women Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Women Entrepreneurs Venturing in Lahore, Pakistan

Author(s): Noreen Zahra

Journal: Asian Journal of Business Management
ISSN 2041-8744

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 163;
Date: 2013;
Original page

The emergence of entrepreneurship has grabbed the attention of all state, non-state and scholarly actors around the globe. The very reason of such lukewarm acceptance is its capacity of constructive destruction to bring innovation for economic reforms. Scholars are incisive to explore the dimensions of entrepreneurship in multiple perspectives. One of the growing dimensions in entrepreneurship is gender as more women are invading in this masculine entrepreneurial world. The women entrepreneurs have grabbed the attention of many scholars as they have successfully marked themselves as under explored potential economic actors. Unlike western set-up, the Asian women face many visible and invisible social barriers along with embedded gender discrimination still the entrepreneurial trends among women are observed. In Pakistan, women are just popped up on the face of formal sector with visible economic contribution. This study aims at exploring the demographic antecedes of women in shaping the motivational drives among women entrepreneurs in the context of Pull and Push entrepreneurial drives. This study is based on quantitative methods taking a deductive approach. A survey was conducted with a sample size of 120 women venturing their business with special focus on SMEs with snow ball sampling technique. A questionnaire containing close ended questions and 5 point Likert scale was deployed and descriptive along with correlation analysis were applied for conjecture of demographic antecedes in determining the motivational drives among women entrepreneurs. This study reveals that age, education, marital status, income, income contribution and family structure are closely related with motivational drives and income and income contribution are the most prominent in this context. It is also observed that most of the women entrepreneurs are push entrepreneurs and choose entrepreneurship only in case of immense unavoidability. In addition to that, most of the women venturing in Lahore are engage in such businesses which are less capital and less technology intensive. This study is planned to be conducted in urban city of Lahore Pakistan. Due to specific environmental factors of city Lahore, the generalizability of data analysis and discussion on the other part of the country cannot be claimed on the other part of the Pakistan.

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