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Author(s): Vicente León

Journal: Apuntes Universitarios
ISSN 2225-7136

Volume: II;
Issue: Número 1;
Start page: 87;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Education | philosophy adventist

In Adventist school and secondary school of Chile was done a study in order to know the opinion of the secondary 4th grade and basic 8th grade students about the importance that those assign to the foundations of the Adventist Educative Philosophy. In these student groups were observed how much of the education philosophical objectives have been achieved. Furthermore, an analysis was accomplished to determine if exist a meaningful difference between theimportance and the achievement of the spiritual and academic social dimension and if these were affected by their religious affiliation. Research was performed in 35 primary schools and 20 secondary schools during 2011 school period. In this study participated 2,257 studentsdivided in two groups: 824 of secondary’s students, and 1433 of primary‘s students. These results have showed that there is a meaningful difference between the importance and the objectives achievement regarding to the Adventist educative philosophy. On the other hand, among secondary fourth grade students who are Adventists and others that do not belong to any religion have showed less satisfaction regarding to the objectives achievement of the Adventist educative philosophy than another group of catholic students of the same grade, while basic 8th grade students have showed satisfaction with the objectives achievement. As a result, three relevant aspects of the Adventist educative philosophy seem having lost the expectation in students who have participated in this study such as: that these schools may possess Adventist teachers, that students can develop abilities for the gospel preaching, and that students can witness of their faithful to others.
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