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Impulse control disorder associated with dopaminergic therapy in Parkinson’s disease – a case report

Author(s): Martin Valis | Jiri Masopust | Ales Urban | Dita Kalnicka

Journal: Neuropsychiatria i Neuropsychologia
ISSN 1896-6764

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3-4;
Start page: 160;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: behavioral symptoms | dopaminergic agents | impulse control disorders | Parkinson’s disease | pramipexole

Parkinson’s disease is regularly associated with nonmotorsymptoms that are often not sufficientlydiagnosed and treated. We describe development of animpulse control disorder in relation to the administrationof dopamine agonist pramipexole to a 61 year-old malewith Parkinson’s disease. Behavioral disturbances in thepatient evolved gradually after the initiation ofpramipexole therapy in a dose of 2.1 mg pro die anddisappeared within several weeks after pramipexole dailydose reduction to 0.54 mg. The case demonstrates thenecessity for careful monitoring of adverse effects ofdopaminergic treatment in patients with Parkinson’sdisease. Differential diagnosis of symptoms andtreatment options are discussed.
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