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La in-validez del cuerpo de la letrada: la metáfora patológica /The Dis-Ability of the Learned Woman’s Body: the Pathological Metaphor

Author(s): Beatriz González-Stephan

Journal: Cuadernos de Literatura
ISSN 0122-8102

Volume: 17;
Issue: 33;
Start page: 164;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Soledad Acosta de Samper | Dolores | Epistolary Genre | Medical Narratives | Infection

The present paper analyses Dolores (1869), a short novel by Colombian writer Soledad Acosta de Samper, who undertook intense and extensive intellectual activity during her prolonged lifetime. Thispaper discusses the implicit relationship between the woman as an intellectual subject and her ill body as the allegory of a type of subjectivity uncomfortable for the community of learned men, through which such dissonance is retransformed into a metaphor of the pathological body (in this case, a leprous body that disintegrates in a monstrous way) as a synonym of the learned woman. In this waythe writing of such a body can also infect others through a style of writing which transgresses the cannon; thus the epistolary genre, intimate, infecting the generic integrity of the republicof literature.
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