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Author(s): Nanik Ram | Altaf Hussain Ansari

Journal: Australian Journal of Business and Management Research
ISSN 1839-0846

Volume: 1;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 51;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Poverty | Sindh | Income Patterns

This research explores income patterns and determinants of rural poverty in Sindh province. The Data were collected from 300 households from two districts i.e. Khairpur, and Thatta of Sindh Pakistan by using the simple random technique; a structural questionnaire was design as an instrument tool for measuring the poverty determinants and income patterns. The households are classified into three groups i.e. A, B and C. Group A and B are below subsistence holding and group C is related to subsistence holding and, all the households were engaged in farm production . It was revealed that the average size of farm A group is 7.2 acres but the grower cultivates average area 4.5 acres and the remaining 2.7 acres are not cultivated by them due to deficiency of water. In the same way, the grower of group B cultivates 7.475 acres instead of 11.5 acres and grower of C group cultivates 16.56 acres in place of 27.6 acres. The surveyed data of district Khairpur describes that the average size of farm of group A is 7.47 acres but each grower average cultivates 4.78 acres and the remaining 2.69 acres are uncultivated. Similarly, the grower of B group cultivates 7.462 acres instead of 11.9 acres and the grower of C group brings 17.4 acres under cultivation in place of 29 acres. The surveyed data of both districts clearly indicate that the income of all growers is low because they do not bring all land under cultivation. The surveyed data has further pointed out that 50% households are below the official poverty line, 33.33% households are just above poverty line and 16.67% well above official poverty line. The group C is in a better position to provide health, education etc facilities to their family members.
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