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Influence of ambient temperatures on metabolic responses of Murrah buffaloes of varying physiological states from arid tracts in India

Author(s): Ashish Joshi | Nalini Kataria | Anil Kumar Kataria | Nidhi Pandey | Laxmi Narayan Sankhala | Shesh Asopa | Ruchi Pachaury | Shokat Khan

Journal: Extreme Life, Biospeology & Astrobiology
ISSN 2066-7671

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 34;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Ambient temperature | cold | hot | Murrah buffalo | metabolic responses

Ambient temperature associated variations in metabolic responses of Murrah breed ofbuffaloes of varying physiological states belonging to arid tracts were investigated. Healthy adultfemale Murrah buffaloes were grouped according to physiological states into group A (non-pregnantmilch, pregnant milch and pregnant dry) and group B (primipara and multipara) and blood sampleswere collected during moderate, hot and cold environmental temperature periods to obtain sera.Metabolic responses were assessed by analyzing serum urea, creatinine, total proteins, cholesterol,triglycerides and glucose and the moderate mean values were 5.18±0.04 mmol L-1, 118.00±1.00 μmolL-1, 71.00±0.12 gL-1, 3.30±0.02 mmol L-1, 1.28±0.01 mmol L-1 and 3.7±0.02 mmol L-1, respectively.The mean values of serum urea and creatinine were significantly (p≤0.05) higher during hot and coldambiences, the mean value of total serum proteins and triglycerides were significantly (p≤0.05) lowerduring hot and cold ambiences and the mean values of cholesterol and glucose were significantly(p≤0.05) lower during hot ambience and significantly (p≤0.05) higher during cold ambience ascompared to respective moderate mean value. The mean values of non pregnant milch, pregnant milchand pregnant dry animals differed significantly (p≤0.05) from each other in all the environmentalperiods. It was concluded that extreme hot and cold ambient temperatures affected the buffaloes ofall physiological states which was evident in the form of variations in the metabolic responses tocombat the environmental challenges.
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