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The influence of the human biorhythm in the performance sport activity

Author(s): Elena MOLDOVAN | Răzvan S. ENOIU | Robert-Alin RUXANDA | Adriana LEIBOVICI

Journal: Gymnasium
ISSN 1453-0201

Volume: 12;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 34;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: human biorhythm

Knowing the biorhythms has a strong effect on the individual’s optimal adaptation to the living conditions and the activities involved, a prerequisite for an active and prolonged life. For athletes, knowing the endogenous biorhythms from the physical, emotional and intellectual point of view is necessary in planning training and sporting shape, to what participating in great competitions is concerned. Thus, the purpose of the paper in question is to know the endogenous aspects of performance athletes, aspects that can influence this activity. The premise of this study is that a thorough knowing of the human biorhythms, as well as their applicability can have certain influences on the sporting performance. The total research includes 28 subjects, while the present study partially illustrates the representative situation of 3 subjects that is 12% of the entire researched group. The subjects are 3 students, performance athletes of 22 years old, with athletic achievements in handball, gymnastics and rugby. The performances that comprise the paper’s sample have been gathered not only from the positive phases of the three biorhythmic cycles, but also from the negative ones; nevertheless, the subjects found in the positive stages had a significant advantage than the ones found in the negative periods of the three cycles.
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