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The influence of the political vote on the results of the parliamentarian Romanian elections: the political discourse, the electoral results and the public management of the victory

Author(s): Victor Negrescu

Journal: Sfera Politicii
ISSN 1221-6720

Volume: XXI;
Issue: 174 (2);
Start page: 12;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: political parties | political discourse | electoral system | political communication | elections | uninominal vote

The 2012 Romanian parliamentarian elections are a novelty in the Romanian political life. For the first time, a political alliance of parties, the Social Liberal Union (USL), managed to comfortably win the elections by getting a high majority of votes. Some analysts tend to put the results on the account of the electoral system, others on the negative vote against the former governmental coalition. Explaining the results of this alliance is therefore very important for the understanding of the Romanian political system. This article is going to evaluate the Romanian uninominal vote by highlighting the impact of the political vote and other variables on the results of the parliamentarian elections and the political discourse.
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