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A influência da estratégia e das capabilidades para obtenção de desempenho nas empresas de bens de capital

Author(s): Roberto Giro Moori | Fabio Ytoshi Shibao | Mario Roberto dos Santos

Journal: Revista de Negócios
ISSN 1980-4431

Volume: 18;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 76;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: estratégias empresariais | capabilidades operacionais de manufatura | desempenho de negócios | empresas de bens de capital | capabilidades dinâmicas

The aim of this study was to analyze the importance of the relationship between strategy and performance capabilities to companies in the capital goods sector. The line of thinking to build of the theoretical model was based on business strategies, operations management, logistics and supply chain. For data collection, we used a semi-structured interview and carried with the managers of operations, logistics and supply chain of companies’ capital goods sector. The collected data were processed by multivariate analysis, the method of structural equation modeling, whose estimation of latent variables (or constructs) was given by maximum likelihood. The results showed a total of 35 measures, 21 were validated, seven related to construct Strategy, ten to construct Capability and four the Performance’ construct. Regarding the structural relationships of the model, the total of three, two have been validated: the relationship strategy / capability and capability / performance, and the relationship strategy / performance have not been validated. In other way, the study showed that there is evidence that the strategy influences the operational capabilities, on the other hand, impacts the companies’ performance in the capital goods sector. Nevertheless, the performance is not directly influenced by the business strategy. Because of these results it can be concluded that the performance in the business sector of capital goods is more effective when adjusted the relationship between strategy and capability, emphasizing the importance of internal operational capabilities in obtaining competitive advantage.
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