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Inheritance of „fruit yield” and „fruit weight” in f1 lineage in Prunus Domestica

Author(s): Madalina Butac | Madalina Militaru1 | Sergiu Budan | Valentina Bozhkova

Journal: Scientific Papers of the Research Institute for Fruit Growing Pitesti, Romania
ISSN 1584-2231

Volume: XXVI;
Start page: 10;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Prunus domestica L. | fruit weight | production | inheritance | F1 hybrid

Genetic breeding of the plum cultivars has been a major concern for the Romanian researchers in fruit culture having in view the economic importance of this species which holds over 40% of the total Romanian’s fruit yields. Growing demands on the fruit quantity and quality required to improve diversification and breeding and selection methods of varieties. During 2008 – 2010 period, have been investigated 230 seedling hybrids derived from 14 cross combinations made in 1997 and 1998, regarding the production and fruit weight. Analyzing this 14 hybrid families, from cross pollination between different cultivars, a very large difference between seedlings was observed, inside and between the families. Out from the total of 223 investigated seedlings, 83 have been assigned to the classes 3 and 4 – productive and very productive (between 10 and 20 kg/tree). Regarding the fruit size, 60 seedlings have been assigned to the class 7 – large fruit (41 – 55 g). So, taking into account these results, it can be concluded that differences between seedlings are of a genetic nature and the selection, even if difficult for these characteristics, is possible and recommended.
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