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Intake, apparent digestibility and ruminal characteristics of the lambs fed with increasing levels of concentrate in tropical environment in the Valley of Guaporé - MTConsumo, digestibilidade dos nutrientes e características ruminais de cordeiros alimentados com níveis crescentes de concentrado em ambiente tropical no Vale do Alto Guaporé - MT

Author(s): Luiz Juliano Valério Geron | Alexandre Agostinho Mexia | Renato Lima Cristo | Jocilaine Garcia | Luciano da Silva Cabral | Raquel Joana Trautmann | Osvaldo de Souza Martins | Lúcia Maria Zeoula

Journal: Semina : Ciências Agrárias
ISSN 1676-546X

Volume: 34;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 2497;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Carboidrato | Gordura | pH | Nitrogênio amoniacal | Temperatura retal.

The objective was to evaluate the use of concentrate in the diet of lambs on intake and total digestibility coefficient (DC) of nutrients, ruminal characteristics, rectal and body temperature. It was used four lambs without breed defined (SRD), entire, with average body weight (BW) of 19.3 ± 2.07 kg using a Latin square design, 4 x 4. The animals were housed in metabolism cages and were fed twice a day with diet consisting of corn silage and concentrate at a ratio of 20, 40, 60 and 80% dry matter in the diet, composite of corn grains and soybean meal. Leftovers were measured daily and the feces were collected through bags. Data from variables studied were submitted to ANOVA and regression analysis at 5% probability. The increasing levels of concentrate in lamb diets affected (P0.05) of concentrate levels on digestibility coefficient of DM, OM, EE, NDF, ADF, NFC and TCH. However, the digestibility coefficient of CP showed a quadratic effect (P
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