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Inteligências Múltiplas

Author(s): Luiz Carlos Panisset Travassos

Journal: Revista de Biologia e Ciências da Terra
ISSN 1519-5228

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2001;
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Keywords: Intelligence | multiple inteligence | Jean Piaget | cognition.

It’s necessary an ample point of view about humans thought comporing with that are acceptable to the cognitive searches. It’s inevitable the influence of Jean Piaget Theory, broaching all the human thought as fighting to the ideal scientific thought. With this note, we decide to emphasize the unknown numbers of the human different abilities, since the musical intelligence until the self-intelligence, studying the consequences in the education.How it’s possible will try to show the background of the theory, defining " intelligence", the research methods, a point of view of cognitive picture, the intelligence relationed to genius and mental making. We can say the different human "intelligence" guides to a new point of view in the education and the best way to understand each intelligence is thinking about that they are together, with the possibility of the existence of the different intellectual ability in different groups can change the function of the teacher.

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