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Interactive learning environments in augmented reality technology

Author(s): Rafał Wojciechowski | Bogdan Cellary

Journal: EduAction : Electronic Education Magazine
ISSN 2081-870X

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 42;
Date: 2010;
Original page

In this paper, the problem of creation of learning environments based on augmented reality (AR) is considered. The concept of AR is presented as a tool for safe and cheap experimental learning. In AR learning environments students may acquire knowledge by personally carrying out experiments on virtual objects by manipulating real objects located in real environments. In the paper, a new approach to creation of interactive educational scenarios, called Augmented Reality Interactive Scenario Modeling (ARISM), is mentioned. In this approach, the process of building learning environments is divided into three stages, each of them performed by users with different technical and domain knowledge. The ARISM approach enables teachers who are not computer science experts to create AR learning environments adapted to the needs of their students.
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