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工业系统生态化研究的国际态势及其启示 International Research Advance of Industrial System Ecologization and Its Reflection

Author(s): 方一平

Journal: Sustainable Development
ISSN 2160-7540

Volume: 02;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 149;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 工业系统 | 生态化 | 国际研究进展 | 启示 | Industrial System | Ecologization | Research Advance | Reflection

根据工业既是资源配置器,又是资源消耗和污染物产生的控制体这一特征,在过程上促进从“资源–产品–废弃物”的开环流程到“资源–产品–资源”的闭环流程的转换,对产业共生关系和环境协调,促进工业系统的可持续发展具有重要意义。针对工业活动对自然生态系统的影响,20世纪80年代末逐步形成了工业生态学(IE)的思想,20世纪90年代以来,国际学术界对工业系统降低环境影响、提高生态化水平的调控研究不断拓展,文章从工业生态学理论和应用工具、工业系统生态效率、工业系统能值、工业系统风险和脆弱性、工业系统生态模拟、工业系统绿色化和持续性管理等6个方面的研究进展进行了梳理和总结,在此背景下,获得了工业系统生态化研究的战略视野由“调整”转向“适应”、工业系统生态化研究的学科基础由“单一”转向“综合”的重要启示。In line with the feature of industry’s configurator of resource, as well as controller of pollutants discharge, it is of significant importance to shift from an open loop system of “resource-product-waste” to a closed loop system of “resource-product-waste”, especially in coordination between industrial symbiosis and the environment, and in sustainability of industrial system. Based on the impact of industrial activities on natural ecosystem, the idea of industrial ecology has formed gradually since 1980s; therefore, the research of industrial system-based ecology is expanding continuously in international academic society. This paper summarizes the international research advances and orientations in six aspects, including industrial ecology and practical tools, ecological efficiency of industrial system, emergy analysis of industrial system, risk and vulnerability of industrial system, ecological stimulation of industrial system, cleaning and sustainability of industrial system. And author provides twofold of research reflections, which are strategically shifting from “adjustment” to “adaptation” of industrial system in research perspective, shifting from “simplicity” to “integrity” in discipline base.
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