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Internet and Distributed Computing Knowledge in Today’s World

Author(s): Al-Sakib Khan Pathan

Journal: International Journal on Internet and Distributed Computing Systems
ISSN 2219-1127

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: i;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Internet | Future Internet | Distributed

The Internet plays a very crucial role in today’s world. Continuous growths of Internet users and easily accessible Internet technologies have elevated it as one of the basic needs of ‘tech-based’ societies. Other than being a source of ample amount of information, Internet could be used for social networking, communications among institutions and individuals, electronic banking, electronic commerce, electronic advertisement, electronic transactions, gaming, file sharing, and many other different types of operations. Numerous applications and ways of utilization of Internet have made it a vital tool of the modern world. The virtual world of Internet runs in parallel with the real world. As a great number of users are connected and participating in this virtual world, the research issues are also constantly evolving. Thousands of devices located in different and often geographically separated areas need to be operated in efficient ways so that the maximum benefit of Internet could be got with the minimum possible effort. In some cases, Internet is also getting support from distributed computing fields. Often networked computers share the responsibility of a huge task and combined contribution could reduce operation time, utilizing the available resources of the devices. There are in fact numerous research issues related to both Internet and distributed computing, which could also work together, often with clear overlapping. The subject areas span from algorithm to practical implementation, from academic studies to industrial products, from wired technologies to wireless technologies. Besides these issues, the concept of Internet itself is also under scrutiny. The basic idea is how to support a huge population when Internet reaches its possible limits. As a matter of fact, Future Internet is now heard of, for which many aspects are not clear. The entire structure could use distributed computing technologies, or it may end up as an extension of current Internet. Extension of current Internet would not be the Future Internet. Hence, this particular area remains an exciting open issue.
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