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Introducing New Editorial Roles and Measures: Making the Journal of Research Practice Relevant to Researchers

Author(s): D. P. Dash | Werner Ulrich

Journal: Journal of Research Practice
ISSN 1712-851X

Volume: 8;
Issue: 1;
Start page: E1;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: bibliometrics | citation analysis | editorial roles | Impact Factor | professional development | research assessment | research education

Following a detailed review of the accomplishments and aspirations of the Journal of Research Practice, we have undertaken a restructuring of the editorial board, with inputs from people associated with this journal. In designing the new structure, we have taken into account the need for building the journal’s profile in the six focus areas recently clarified: (1) Research Applications, (2) Research Spaces, (3) Research Education, (4) Research Experiences, (5) Research Philosophy, and (6) Research on Research. Focus Editors will ensure that the journal remains well engaged with the developments in these focus areas. The new structure allows us to involve all contributors to the journal in playing a role to enhance the journal’s relevance to researchers and reflective professionals. This restructuring exercise has presented us with an opportunity to build on the strengths of the journal and address areas of concern so as to strengthen the journal’s quality, relevance, and impact. A review of different notions of impact has led us to a set of proposed measures for enhancing the relevance and utilisation of the journal in future.
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