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Inventaire des mollusques de la rivière Doubs (Franche-Comté, France)

Author(s): Jacques Mouthon

Journal: MalaCo
ISSN 1778-3941

Volume: 4;
Start page: 158;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: Freshwater molluscs | survey | Doubs River | Franche-Comté

Molluscs of the Doubs River, the main stream which runs across the Franche-Comté, were collected over the years 1977-79 and in the summer of 1998. On the 34 stations sampled, 50 species were identified. The longitudinal distribution and some particularities of the mollusc communities are presented. Between the years 1977-79 and 1998, we observed the appearance of two species Lithoglyphus naticoïdes and Menetus dilatatus. Moreover, a third species, Corbicula fluminea, which lives in the Rhin-Rhône canal has settled in the Doubs lowland only since the beginning of the century. On the other hand, Myxas glutinosa which inhabited in the disconnected side-arms of the river and in the Rhin-Rhône canal at the end of the XIXe century was not found again.
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