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An investigation of mass composition of ultra-high energy cosmic rays with energies above 1019 eV via the study of extensive air showers

Author(s): Doostmohammadi S. | Fatemi S.J.

Journal: Serbian Astronomical Journal
ISSN 1450-698X

Volume: 2012;
Issue: 184;
Start page: 87;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: cosmic rays

The electron and muon components of extensive air shower (EAS) with energies above 1019 eV are analyzed via various giant EAS arrays. A varying property of showers is observed for two energy ranges; higher and lower than (3 − 4) x 1019 eV. The age parameter, zenith angle, shower size dependence on muon size and shower size dependence on primary energy show an increment of mass composition (MC) above (3−4)x 1019eV. Comparison of the observed EAS results with the simulations of Capdevielle et al. (2000) and Shinozaki et al. (2005) gives at most 20% photon fraction for primary energies above 1019 eV. The arrival directions of showers above 4x1019 eV indicate an increasing concentration towards the super galactic plane.
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