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Key indicators that affect the perception of service quality in critical airport areas of passenger boarding [paper in Portuguese]

Author(s): Michelle Carvalho Galvão da Silva Pinto Bandeira | Giovanna Miceli Ronzani Borille | Marina Ciarlini Duarte Maia | Rodrigo Flório Moser

Journal: Journal of Transport Literature
ISSN 2238-1031

Volume: 8;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 7;
Date: 2014;
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Keywords: Brazilian airports | quality indicators | check-in | security screening | linear regression

This paper selected three major Brazilian airports for field research, observation and interviews with passengers in the areas of check-in and security screening. The objective was to obtain the importance of indicators, qualitative or quantitative, that affect the perception of service quality at the International Airport of São Paulo (SBGR), Airport of São Paulo/Congonhas (SBSP) and Brasilia International Airport (SBBR). The procedures used for the research were:: (i) selection of indicators, (ii) collection method, (iii) scaling the sample and, (iv) regression method. The final results show that the models obtained indicated that there is a strong relationship between perception, that is, the view that the passenger is about the component and /or service offered in the passenger terminal and the time - wait time in queue or time of attendance The results also showed that each airport presented different independent variables, acting in the same heavily dependent variables of the models considered. Additionally, some indicators evaluated in this study were not reported in the literature, obtaining an important contribution to the results, and subsidies to improve these services.
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