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Kiamycin, a Unique Cytotoxic Angucyclinone Derivative from a Marine Streptomyces sp.

Author(s): Zeping Xie | Bing Liu | Hongpeng Wang | Shengxiang Yang | Hongyu Zhang | Yipeng Wang | Naiyun Ji | Song Qin | Hartmut Laatsch

Journal: Marine Drugs
ISSN 1660-3397

Volume: 10;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 551;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: angucyclinone | epoxybenz[a]anthracene | marine Streptomyces | cytotoxicity

Kiamycin (1), a new angucyclinone derivative possessing an 1,12-epoxybenz[a]anthracene ring system, was isolated from the marine Streptomyces sp. strain M268 along with the known compounds 8-O-methyltetrangomycin (3) and 8-O-methylrabelomycin (4). Their structures were elucidated by detailed spectroscopic analysis and comparison with literature data. The new angucyclinone derivative showed inhibitory activities against the human cell lines HL-60 (leukemia), A549 (lung adenocarcinoma), and BEL-7402 (hepatoma) with inhibition rates of 68.2%, 55.9%, and 31.7%, respectively, at 100 ┬ÁM. It appears to have potential as an anticancer agent with selective activity.
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