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Komentovaný seznam měkkýšů zjištěných ve volné přírodě České a Slovenské republiky Annotated list of mollusc species recorded outdoors in the Czech and Slovak Republics

Author(s): Michal Horsák | Lucie Juřičková | Luboš Beran | Tomáš Čejka | Libor Dvořák

Journal: Malacologica Bohemoslovaca
ISSN 1336-6939

Volume: 9;
Issue: Suppl. 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Molluscs | Czech Republic | Slovakia | annotated list | identification notes | distribution | new records

In this paper we provide a new list of all the mollusc species recorded outdoors in the Czech and Slovak Republics. This work is a supplement of the Ložek’s key on molluscs of the former Czechoslovakia. For the species recorded after the publishing of the book, publications of their first records in the Czech and Slovak Republics are given. Species which are either not included in this Ložek’s book or whose current taxonomical status highly differs from that published in the book are supplied with Czech commentaries, photographs of their shells or bodies, and drawings of important identification characters. This material is aimed at Czech and Slovak malacologists to provide information, missing or scattered in the literature, on currently known mollusc fauna of the Czech and Slovak Republics. The Ložek’s book and this supplement should provide necessary information on identification, ecology and also distribution of all mollusc species currently known from the Czech and Slovak Republics. If the species names used in this paper differ from the ones used in the Ložek’s book, we mention both. So far 247 species of molluscs, including 219 species of gastropods (50 aquatic and 169 terrestrial) and 28 species of bivalves, have been found outdoors in the Czech Republic. The fauna of Slovakia comprises 247 species, including 219 gastropods (51 aquatic and 168 terrestrial) and 28 bivalves. Altogether 282 species occur in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 212 of them being common to both countries.
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