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Kontribusi Komentar Para Tokoh pada Blurb dalam Upaya Menarik Pembaca: Studi Kasus Mengenai Kontribusi Komentar Para Tokoh pada Blurb dalam Upaya Menarik Pembaca di Toko Buku Gramedia Cabang Padang

Author(s): Primadesi, Yona

Journal: Pustaha
ISSN 1858-1447

Volume: 02;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 14;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: blurb | readers | book

The point of issue from this research is “Comment Contributions from Figures on Blurb in Addition To Attracts Readers on Gramedia Book Store in Padang”. The purpose of this research is to find out the fascination of writing, the credibility of the figures, also the content and message from the comment figures. The research method is analysis descriptive survey method, with collecting data method through observation, literature study, interview, and enquette spreading to 67 responders. Result from the research shows that comments gave by figures about the book on blurb as a media on promoting book also representing to the reader about book and as a reference for reader about the book which going to be choosen as a reading materials. The coalescence of comments from figures on blurb have to noticing on some aspects which are, presentation form, the figure who give the comments, and the comments relation with the content of the book. Conclusion from the research is that color, alphabet’s type, alphabet’s size, language that used in comments, way to forwarding the comments, figures who give the comment, also content of the comment has contribution for readers in choosing reading materials. Suggestion from this research would be the coalescence of the figure’s comment using clear language, communicative also easy to be understand and has catching appearance. Beside that also need to be noticed the society belief of figure who gave comment and the comment better be put the book’s flaw had on it.
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