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Language of Confessional Autobiography: A Stylistic Appraisal of Emmanuel Eni's Delivered from the Powers of Darkness

Author(s): Adesina B. Sunday

Journal: Lumina
ISSN 2094-1188

Volume: 22;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Emmanuel Eni | Delivered from the Powers of Darkness | Stylistics | Confessional autobiography

Confessional autobiography is an important genre of prose writing. It creates an avenue for the narrator to reveal his/her present through his/her past. This paper analyzes the language of Emmanuel Eni's Delivered from the Powers of Darkness from a stylistic perspective. The narrator uses the first person narrative point of view to present two conflicting worlds, namely that of Satan and that of Christ. He demonizes the former and eulogizes the latter. Specific places, events and personages are given to authenticate the narrative. Capitalization and quotation are used to foreground some expressions. Complex and compound-complex sentences dominate the narrative. The narrator uses language to make the narratee see the evil in occult groups.
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