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LC-MS Overview: Applications of Small Molecules in Drug Discovery

Author(s): Selvadurai Muralidharan | Jaya raja Kumar | Sokkalingam Arumugam Dhanaraj

Journal: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
ISSN 0975-1459

Volume: 4;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 1929;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: LCMS | Small molecules | drug discovery

Mass spectrometry (MS) is one of the most frequently employed techniques in performing quantitative analysis. Its specificity, selectivity and typical limit of detection are more than enough to deal with most analytical problems. This is the result of significant effort, either from the scientists working in the field or from the manufacturing industry, devoted to the development of new ionization methods, expanding the application fields of the technique, and new analysers capable of increasing the specificity mainly by collisional experiments (MS/MS or ‘‘tandem mass spectrometry’’) or by high mass accuracy measurements. Thus, the MS panorama is made up of many instrumental configurations, each of which has specific positive and negative aspects and different cost/benefit ratios. These mass spectrometric approaches are usually employed when linked to suitable chromatographic (C) systems. The synergism obtained allows C-MS to be used worldwide and is of considerable interest to researchers involved in basic chemistry, environmental and food controls, biochemistry, biology and medicine. It is to be expected that this diffusion will grow in the future, due to the relevance of the information that quantitative MS can provide, in particular in the field of public health. For this reason, some basic information on the phenomena which form the basis of different instrumental approaches, the general strategy to be employed for the development of a quantitative analysis, the role of the specificity in this context and some theoretical aspects on calibration and data analysis, are of interest and this book aims to cover, as simply as possible, all these aspects

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