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LCA studies for alkaline and enzyme catalyzed biodiesel production from palm oil

Author(s): Pogaku Ravindra | Subash Saralan | Rahmath Abdulla

Journal: Advances in Biological Chemistry
ISSN 2162-2183

Volume: 02;
Issue: 04;
Start page: 341;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Biodiesel | Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) | Enzyme Catalyzed Process

The life cycle analysis of biodiesel production from palm oil (PO) involves 3 stages: 1) Cultivation; 2) Oil Extraction and 3) Transesterification of PO. There are several different approaches to the production process. The enzyme catalyzed process, was investigated and its environmental performance was compared with the conventional alkali-catalyzed process by using life cycle analysis (LCA). The enzyme catalyzed process is found to be technically a simpler production process and offers the production of less environmentally damaging wastes.
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