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Author(s): Cristiano Molinari Bispo | Marcos Mueller Schlemm

Journal: Perspectivas Contemporâneas
ISSN 1980-0193

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 56;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Keywords: leardership | organizational environment | hospital management

The quality of work in a team and the general environment of an organization is influenced by lots of things. One of them is the ability some workers have when they are in the position of making their subjects work towards goals and needs set. It is difficult to identify which one is related to that ability. This study tries to help the investigation based on the analysis of factors related to the perception of individuals concerning the work conditions in four hospitals in southern Brazil kept by non-profit organizations. The research analyses lots of cases, trying to identify similarities in seventeen independent situations concerning “leadership”, as an ability for mobilizing people. This study can be classified as descriptive and non-experimental, based on a survey which shows about 64.5% of the population researched, or 1408 people. According to what we have presented, it is a study mainly quantitative; the data are focused on the study of the correlations. Among the independent situations in the questionnaire, some of them presented important correlation (more than 0.5): “oral clearness”, “justice”, “clearness concerning the work methods” and “stimulus for participating”. By having in mind the leadership concepts and management styles, this article presents some motivation, productivity and commitment of the work teams in formal organizations, from analysis of the empirical evidences.
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