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Author(s): Dr. Lucian Chişu

Journal: Diversité et Identité Culturelle en Europe (DICE)
ISSN 2067-0931

Volume: 6;
Issue: 2009;
Start page: 146;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: writer | journalist | truth | national / European reality | culture | society | mentalities.

This text is a sequel of the communication „Newspaper writer - a regrettable confusion”, presented in the context of the Second Congress of the Press (Iasi, 2009). If in the first article the author was willing to draw attention upon the existing cleavage between the press text and literary-artistic text, in this one the comments refer to the writer’s presence in the public area, as it is represented in all cultures from Europe and worldwide, including Romania. The public position of the writer is a symbolic one, his profession being placed on the pedestal of prestige, but only ideally. In fact, even against the prestige which surrounds him, the writer is forced to integrate socially with a second profession, usually very similar to the writing. Therefore, as a solution for the coexistence of existential needs and artistic vocation, many writers choose journalism. The author notes that this symbiosis creates, slowly but surely, mutations in the writing, while on the social aspect, the facts are considered to belong to a natural evolution. The contradiction between evolution and mutation is presented through a series of arguments.
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