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Author(s): Khaled SADDEM

Journal: Studii de Gramatica Contrastiva
ISSN 1584-143X

Issue: 15;
Start page: 51;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: code-switching | code switching | overlapping codes | language mixing | language mix | homogeneity codical | informal and formal situations

Our study of code switching in radio channels Tunisian globally distinguishes two main trends in this highly complex linguistic phenomenon. The first, represented by the Tunisian public radio, is motivated by the quest for homogeneity code switching. The phrases switches, belonging to the target language, by French-paradigms are corrected by their equivalents in the source language (Arabic here), either by the facilitator and guarantor of a certain uniqueness code switching, or by the speaker himself. The reflex (self-) correction works instantly to preserve the homogeneity code switching.The second trend is epitomized by the private radio channels, which are more permissive with respect to the homogeneity code switching, and tolerate all sorts of overlaps in both directions, and without amending proposal systematic paradigms in the source language.In these private radio stations, the reflex and auto correction on the unique code switching is not very pronounced. And it is even switch element in both directions, and sometimes the reverse orientation, ie in the target language, which blurs the distinctions translational source language (Arabic) / target language (French), and reveals the extent of the tension that inhabits the bilingual speaker.
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