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Lineamientos para empresas de fumigación que minimicen impactos ambientales y ocupacionales ocasionados por el manejo inadecuado de plaguicidas en la ciudad de Bogotá, D. C.

Author(s): Fernando Calderón Martínez | Jaime Eddy Ussa Garzón | Natali Gómez Leguízamo | ésar Augusto Condía Rodríguez

Journal: Revista Cientifica
ISSN 0124-2253

Volume: 15;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 132;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: pesticides | hazardous waste | environmental

Bogotá D. C., has not had a specific methodology about fumigation com- panies must operate. This reflects the fact that no defined legal regulations, guidelines, education and training for applicators. This causes impro- per handling, storage, transportation and disposal of toxic substances. In this paper, we established the health and safety measures for fumiga- tion companies in Bogotá D.C, also describes a practical procedure to be followed by workers in the fumigation companies, in order to make a safe application of pesticides in their work practice and in this way ensuring appropriate conditions for industrial safety and occupational health. On the other hand, this study is a contribution to the management and dis- posal of toxic substances that are used by fumigation companies; the pur- pose is to reduce thDistrict.
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