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Linguistic Education and Cultural Repertoire in Contemporary Society

Author(s): Jeni Silva Turazza | Dieli Vesaro Palma

Journal: Via Litterae
ISSN 2176-6800

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 61;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Linguistic education | Education of mother tongue | Education of teachers | Culture | Ideology

The article deals with a thematic excerpt from a broader research which, developed in the area of Linguistic Education, strives to discuss by the historical milestone of the modern society formation the guiding Pedagogic Project of didactic proposals to be implanted by the Elementary and High School teachers in the entire Brazilian territory. It is focused as a Global Project – which anchorage in the European Continent is registered on Carta di Bologna/1989 and, in the South American Continent, in Brazil, on LDB/1996. In this way, the essay puts on focus a set of reflections that enable the better understanding of the difficulties that are imposed to the education of teachers to reach the goals said project is proposed to reach. Not only political issues are strived to be explained, but also scientific, implied in the education of mother tongue teachers. Among them, those concerning the difficulty of complementing didactic proposals are highlighted, which renders it impossible the implementation of the referred Project by teachers who do not feel underneath them the grounds cultivated by the local culture.

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