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Linguistic & Rhetorical Paradigm as Innovative Theoretical Methodological Platform of Studying Discursive Processes of East Slavic and Western Cultures

Author(s): Аlexandra A. Vorozhbitova

Journal: European Researcher
ISSN 2219-8229

Volume: 61;
Issue: 10-2;
Start page: 2536;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: linguistic & rhetorical (L&R) paradigm | levels of linguistic personality: verbal semantic | linguistic cognitive | motivational | ethos | logos | pathos | invention | disposition | elocution | conceptual model | linguistic consciousness mechanisms | ethnic cultural specificity.

The paper suggests studying conceptual models and mechanisms of linguistic consciousness of East Slavic and Western cultures with the application of the theoretical methodological approach of Linguistic & Rhetorical (L&R) Paradigm as an integrative philological trend of an innovative type. The L&R Paradigm rests on the intersection of three categorical dimensions: ideological aspects of a speech event (ethos, logos, pathos); stages of universal cycle of idea-into-speech transformation (invention, disposition, elocution) as a technology of discursive processes; levels of the structure of a linguistic personality as a discourse producer and ideology bearer (associative verbal network, thesaurus, pragmatic field). Hence, the article proposes three groups of L&R parameters of studying speech and thinking phenomena: ethos-motivational-dispositional; logos-thesaurus-inventional; pathos-verbal-elocutionary.

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