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Linked Open Data como forma de agregar valor às informações clínicas

Author(s): Fernando Hadad Zaidan | Marcello Peixoto Bax

Journal: AtoZ : Novas Práticas em Informação e Conhecimento
ISSN 2237-826X

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 44;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Semantic Web | Information systems | Linked open data

Introduction: Linked Open Data (LOD) has been a constant subject in the main semantic web conferences and journals around the world. Some studies prove that the consumption of these data is potentially important to improve the data quality of the information systems in many areas. The clinical information is one of these areas and the LOD initiative has been trying to standardize its publication, becoming the link of more efficient datasets. However, adding value to internal data of information systems is challenging. The aim of this paper is to present LOD in order to verify the possibility of adding value to the clinical information systems' data. Method: Based on the researchers who proposed the semantic web those who follow LOD's evolution, a literature revision of the main concepts was made. A bibliographic research was developed obtaining a reference based on books and papers of well known authors. Results: Were presented six technologies that utilize the Linked Data pattern and propose the addition of value to the system information's data, especially the clinical ones. The common points of these six technologies are situated in the publication, extraction, link and consumption of LOD. Conclusion: It is possible to add value to internal data of the clinical systems, even when more than three billion LOD triples are available to be consumed.

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