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The little-known facts of the creative activities and life of Chief Designer of aero-space systems Gleb Yevgenievich Lozino-Lozinsky

Author(s): Sergey Grachev

Journal: Research in the History of Technology
ISSN 2079-2999

Issue: 16;
Start page: 37;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: landing complex | orbital ship «Buran» | space center Baikonur | G.Y. Lozino-Lozinskiy

The article presents the history of creation of the orbital ship landing complex at the space center «Baikonur» and leading role played by Gleb Eugen Lozino-Lozinskiy, Chief Designer of air-space systems. Informationis given about basic elements and systems that provided automatic landing of orbital ship «Buran» and its flying tests. Apart from that, there are given little-known facts from G.E. Lozino- Lozinskiy’s life, related to his birth in Kiev. On the basis of the archived and regional research there is provided the assumption concerning placing of the house in Metallistov St. in Kiev, where G.E. Lozino- Lozinskiy was born. The necessity of renaming one of streets Kiev in honour of the designer who combined the aviation and cosmonautics is grounded.

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