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Localization of pilomotor seizure demonstrated by electroencephalography /functional magnetic resonance imaging

Author(s): Yao Zhiping | Luo Cheng | Yao Dezhong | Zhou Dong

Journal: Neurology India
ISSN 0028-3886

Volume: 58;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 758;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Autonomic | EEG/fMRI | pilomotor seizure

We report the first case of a pilomotor seizure detected by electroencephalography /functional magnetic resonance imaging (EEG/fMRI). An adult woman presented with history of bouts of gooseflesh feeling and poilomotor activity in the left leg following viral encephalitis. 24-hour video-EEG and simultaneous EEG during fMRI revealed ictal discharges in the right parietal and temporal lobes. Associated blood oxygen level- dependent (BOLD) activations were found mainly in the right parietal region. The result represents a different generator of pilomotor seizure compared to prior reports. We suggests that the feeling of gooseflesh could be the core ictal symptom and a direct pathway from the sensory cortex to the lower autonomic system may exist bypassing the classic cerebral autonomic center.
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