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Logística verde e Inversa, Responsabilidad Universitaria Socioambiental Corporativa y Productividad

Author(s): Gladys Maquera

Journal: Apuntes Universitarios
ISSN 2225-7136

Volume: II;
Issue: Número 1;
Start page: 31;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Inverse logistic | waste environmental management | operation research

Human beings are the cause for the generation of the waste around the world. Dangerous solid waste represents a meaningful risk to the health just as to the environmental by its characteristics and management to which these are submitted. The incentive to the selective collection and recycling of the used waste will bring benefits to the society in the energy economy of the natural resources generating employment and among others. By the plan, in improving and taking advantage of the natural resources, the inverse Logistic provides the adequate knowledge of the reintegration ways to the marketplace of the benefit goods by the production process. This work has as main objective in knowing the “Inverse Logistic,” as an option to identify the fundamental aspects that typifying the environmental impact in the production chain of some resources. At the same time, we present a research work in the production chain of the petroleum, and consider the production possible cycles as well, if these were implemented by “Inverse Logistic,” technical in the petroleum industry just as in the production of lubricant oil. The correspond work have been performed in four cities of the Peru such as: Lima, Juliaca, Puno and Arequipa, where have been visited different public and privates organizations, which are linked with the petroleum derivatives. In this places were observed that generating companies of the wastes do not take awareness neither are responsible by the final destine of these merely because the legal mark is very few knowing just as it is incipient. The human kind should understand the God purpose from the creation up to today is the same, and looking the future without forgetting that he is part of God creation must reconcile the rest of the creation with Him.
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