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Lost Opportunities for Smoking Cessation Among Adults With Diabetes in Florida (2007) and Maryland (2006)

Author(s): Olivia D. Carter-Pokras, PhD | Tammie M. Johnson, DrPH | Lisa A. Bethune | Cong Ye, MS | Jacquelyn L. Fried, RDH, MS | Lu Chen, MA | Robert Fiedler, JD

Journal: Preventing Chronic Disease
ISSN 1545-1151

Volume: 8;
Issue: 3;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: smoking cessation | diabetes | adult health | smoking and health | Florida | Maryland

IntroductionDiabetes organizations recommend that people with diabetes should not smoke because of increased risk of diabetes complications. We describe smoking rates and health care service use among adults with diabetes in Florida and Maryland and identify the role of dentists in offering smoking cessation advice and services.MethodsWe analyzed data from 3 state telephone surveys: the 2007 Florida Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (n = 39,549), the 2007 Florida Tobacco Callback Survey (n = 3,560), and the 2006 Maryland Adult Tobacco Survey (n = 21,799).ResultsFindings indicated that 15.7% of adults with diabetes in Florida and 11.6% of adults with diabetes in Maryland currently smoke. Current smoking among people with diabetes was associated with age, education, income, and race/ethnicity. Almost all respondents with diabetes who were current smokers in Florida (92.9%) and Maryland (97.7%) had visited a doctor or health care professional in the past year, and less than half had visited a dentist (40.7% and 44.8%, respectively). Both in Florida and Maryland, approximately two-thirds of adults with diabetes who were smokers and had visited a dentist in the past year had not received advice to quit (63.8% and 63.9%, respectively). In contrast, most adults with diabetes who were smokers and had visited a doctor or health care professional had received advice to quit smoking (95.3% and 84.9%, respectively).ConclusionDentists are in a unique position to identify and demonstrate the oral effects of smoking in patients with diabetes. These data support continued smoking cessation training and education of oral health professionals.
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