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A materialização de políticas de equidade e coesão social nas universidades francesas: estudo de caso da Universidade Lyon2

Author(s): Maria Núbia Medeiros de Araújo Frutuoso | Jean-Claude Régnier

Journal: Poiésis
ISSN 2179-2534

Volume: 5;
Issue: Nº especial;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Educative politics | Globalization | University Reformation.

Considering the structural landmarks of world’s politics of Higher Education in Europe and the process of reformation in its universities, this article has as aim bringing a reflection about politics of inclusion occurred in French universities in the lasts decades and their processes of modernization. To perform this analysis, we were inspired in macro-structural discussions upon the processes ofeducative reformation driven by the globalization and the process of institutional regulation. Our focus were situated in the analysis of politics of inclusion occurred in the University of Lyon 2, France,to establish a dialogue between general discussion about politics of education in Europe.

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