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Matrix formulation of dynamic design of structures with semi-rigid connections

Author(s): Zlatkov Dragan | Zdravković Slavko | Mladenović Biljana | Stojić Radoslav

Journal: Facta Universitatis Series : Architecture and Civil Engineering
ISSN 0354-4605

Volume: 9;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 89;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: matrix formulation | semi-rigid connections | structure | software | dynamic design

The structures with semi-rigid connections comprise systems with the connections in joints which are not absolutely rigid, but allow, in general, some relative movements in directions of generalized displacements. Such type of connections is considered very little, or not at all, in designing of structures in today's engineering practice. If the influence of rigidity of semi-rigid connections is underestimated, and they are treated in the design as pinned, it has a negative impact on cost of a structure. But if it is overstated, the calculation results are not on the side of safety, what is reflected on bearing capacity, durability and stability, especially in the case of precast structures. Therefore Eurocodes take due account to the structures with semi-rigid connections. Matrix formulation of the analysis of systems with semi-rigid connections opens wide possibilities for relatively easy calculation by use of computers that is shown by example of seismic design. The interpolation functions, stiffness matrix, equivalent load vectors, and the consistent mass matrix are presented in this paper, particularly with an emphasis on systems with semi-rigid connection.

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