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Measurement of the Residual Gases O2 and CO2 in Meat Products Packed in Modified Atmosphere

Author(s): Jozef Čapla | Peter Zajác | Jozer Čurlej | Ľubomír Lopašovský | Vladimír Vietoris

Journal: Potravinarstvo : Scientific Journal for Food Industry
ISSN 1338-0230

Volume: 7;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 49;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: meat products | modified atmosphere

Nowadays, consumers have increased demand for quality and food safety and also rising demand for natural foods without chemical additives. There are many ways to presserve freshness of these products, one of them is modified atmosphere packaging, which can mean elimination and/or replacement surrounding the product before closing it in package with a mixture of gases other than the original ambient air atmosphere. for replacement of atmosphere are generally used three types of gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen. this type of packaging is often used for meat and meat products, which belongs to foods that are under normal conditions perishable and for increasing the shelf life of meat products are also used various other preservation methods or their combinations. Packaging of meat and meat products in modified atmosphere is usually made with a high content of carbon dioxide, which has good bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect and is also an effective mean for increasing the shelf life of packaged products during storage and sale.

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