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Memorialisation in Norrtälje, Mariehamn and Pargas: 1881-1939

Author(s): Lara Band

Journal: Journal of Open Archaeology Data
ISSN 2049-1565

Volume: 2;
Start page: e11;
Date: 2013;
Original page

The data, the result of an archaeological survey of more than 300 memorials dating from 1881 – 1939 in cemeteries in Norrtälje, Sweden; Mariehamn, Åland and Pargas, Finland, was collected for an MA dissertation: ‘The Åland Islands Question’ – A New Perspective? A comparative study of three burial grounds on Åland, in Finland and in Sweden. The dissertation explored the potential for carrying out archaeological studies of memorialisation in a Nordic context, concentrating on the twin themes of identity and nationalism with particular reference to the League of Nations 1921 Agreement on the Autonomy of Åland. The dataset, deposited with the Swedish National Data Service, comprises a database with the details of each memorial, a photograph of each memorial and of the cemeteries, and a note on methodology. Reuse potential includes the incorporation of the data into wider studies of memorialisation, utilisation for gender studies, studies of nationalism, design history and genealogy.

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