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Mental Symptoms and Alcohol Abuse by Students of UNESP, Biosciences Institute of Rio Claro, S.P

Author(s): Florindo Stella | Aline Sommerhalder

Journal: Educação : Teoria e Prática
ISSN 1517-9869

Volume: 8;
Issue: 14; 15;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2000;
Original page

Keywords: alcohol | university students | depression | anxiety.

To characterize the patterns of alcohol consumption and the point prevalence of anxiety and depression symptoms in university students were the aim of this research. We investigated 200 students in a consecutive series from Biology, Ecology, Physical Education, and Education courses. The methods consisted of specialized scales application for measuring alcohol patterns consumption, and anxiety and depression symptoms, respectively SADD (Short Alcohol Dependence Data) and HAD (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale). The results showed that from the 200 students, 17 (8,5%) presented alcohol abuse behaviour involving risk factors for physical and mental disorders. Also 53 people (26,5%) revealed anxiety symptoms, and 16 (8%) depression symptoms. From the 53 individuals with anxiety symptoms, 8 (15,1%) had alcohol abuse behaviour; and from the 16 people with depression symptoms, 8 (50%) had alcohol abuse behaviour, wichprobably belong to the group with significant risk factors for physical and mental disorders in the future. The authors concluded that alcohol abuse behaviour could be associated with psychic suffering, mainly anxiety and depression. They propose to discuss the needs of mental health service in caring for universitycommunity.
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