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The method of the students’ competence rating: knowledge, abilities, skills and personal characteristics

Author(s): Irina Veshneva | Leonid Melnikov

Journal: Social and Natural Sciences Journal
ISSN 1804-4158

Volume: 5;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Status Functionsp | Rating | Competences | Fuzzy | Educatiton

This paper describes the new fuzzy membership complexfunction sets which are called status functions.It demonstrates how these function sets might be used inthe mathematical description of the multidimensional ratingof competences during education process of individuals andits ability to increase professional level, viewed both fromexternal social role, and from internal readiness for thechange. The method for estimation of effectiveness ofeducation process is also proposed.To estimate the effectiveness of education process wepropose to use transfer function or frequency responsefunction which can be calculated as discrete Fouriertransform at the interval of rating variable.
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