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Methylation Pattern Of MGMT Gene In Relation To Age, Smoking, Drinking And Dietary Habits As Epigenetic Biomarker In Prostate Cancer Patients

Author(s): Sukhjeet Sidhu

Journal: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Journal
ISSN 2150-3516

Volume: 2010;
Start page: GEBJ-8;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Methylation | MGMT gene | Epigenetic biomarker

Epigenetic control of gene transcription is an important step for normal human development and cellular differentiation. Although alterations inDNA methylation pattern is a well-defined epigenetic change linked to human cancers and other diseases., inter-individual epigenetic variations innormal and cancer tissues due to ageing, smoking, drinking and meat-eating are poorly characterized. Population based studies are required toimprove our understanding of epigenetic changes leading to progression of cancer. In this study, the methylation pattern of MGMT gene wasstudied in 100 tissue samples of prostate cancer patients along with 50 tissue samples of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia cases and 100 blood samplesfrom healthy individuals as controls. The results establish that the methylation pattern increases with age in BPH and healthy individuals whereasthe maximum probability of developing prostate cancer is in the age group of 51-60 yrs. It is again proved in the study that smoking, drinking andnon-vegetarian diet has a significant contribution in hypermethylation of MGMT gene, thus signifying that the methylation pattern can bedesignated as epigenetic biomarker in prostate cancer patients where the diagnosis is not well defined in the early stages of tumorigenesis.

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