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Michel Foucault y René Magritte: algunas afinidades electivas Michel Foucault and René Magritte: certain elective affinities

Author(s): Daniel Gihovani Toscano López

Journal: Folios
ISSN 0123-4870

Issue: 30;
Start page: 89;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Afinidades | paradoja | rareza | filosofía | arte | obras | Affinities | paradox | rarity | philosophy | art | works

Este escrito, resalta no las diferencias sino las relaciones entre Magritte y Foucault. Se trata de atender a la posibilidad no sólo de suscitar un diálogo entre ambos personajes, sino de superar la lógica del sentido. Para esto, primero estudiaremos los conceptos de paradoja y rareza como rasgos característicos de ambos. Segundo, abordaremos la filosofía y el arte como cajas de herramientas para la reflexión. Tercero, analizaremos la afinidad entre palabra e imagen como un elemento importante en juego. Finalmente, efectuaremos una tematización de sus obras.This essay is not about the differences between Michel Foucault and René Magritte. It is about their relationships. We must attend to the possibility not only of stimulating a dialogue between both characters but also, and above all, of overcoming sense logic. In order to do this, first we study the concepts of paradox and rarity as characteristic features of both of them. Second, we must think of philosophy and art as toolkits for the reflection. Third, we will analyze the affinity between word and image as an important element at play here. Finally, we will perform a thematization of their works.
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