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Microstructure refinement and physical properties of Ag-SnO2 based contact materials prepared by high-energy ball milling

Author(s): Ćosović V. | Pavlović M. | Ćosović A. | Vulić P. | Premović M. | Živković D. | Talijan N.

Journal: Science of Sintering
ISSN 0350-820X

Volume: 45;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 173;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: silver-metal oxide electrical contacts | high-energy Ball milling | powder metallurgy | microstructure | physical properties

High energy ball milling was used in order to improve dispersion of metal oxide in Ag-SnO2 electrical contact materials. The processed Ag-SnO2 (92:8) and Ag-SnO2In2O3 (87.8:9.30:2.9) powder mixtures were subsequently consolidated to bulk solid pieces by conventional powder metallurgy method. The characterization of the prepared samples included microstructural analysis by XRD and SEM, as well as measurements of physical properties such as density, hardness and electrical conductivity. The results of X-Ray analysis point to reduction of crystallite size after milling of about ten times. Microstructures of sintered Ag-SnO2 and Ag-SnO2 In2O3 materials display very fine dispersion of the oxide components in silver matrix. Somewhat higher uniformity was obtained for Ag-SnO2 In2O3 material which was illustrated by results of SEM analysis and more consistent microhardness values. The obtained values of studied physical properties were found to be in accordance with observed higher dispersion of metal oxide particles and comparable to properties of commercial electrical contact materials of this type. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. OI 172037, br. OI 172035 i br. TR 34023]

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