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Migration, remittance and development in origin countries: evidence from Nigeria

Author(s): John S. Afaha

Journal: African Population Studies
ISSN 0850-5780

Volume: 27;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Remittances | economic growth | migration | development | Nigeria

Migration (international or local migration) of individuals/workers is viewed as a channel through whichworkers’ remittances have become a major source of income for developing countries; resources are repatriatedfrom the source country to service foreign nationals or home economy while it creates an internal braindrain between local migrants and likely an increased outmigration of workers/individuals. However, little isstill known about their impact on the economic development in the origin countries. This paper analyseswhether, and to what extent, these downsides of international migration of workers affects origin countries.Consequently, using a household survey-based and secondary sources dataset our results show that remittancesin Nigeria are positively and significantly viable in their contribution to economic growth (proxy bygross domestic product) in some Sub-Saharan African countries and have reduced poverty to some extent.
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